Vintage Bay | Overdid it on the gin – Hangover recovery kit
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Overdid it on the gin – Hangover recovery kit


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The perfect rescue kit for the morning after the gin the night before.

We’ve all woken up feeling a bit worse for wear, regretting agreeing to that one last glass. Now you can pamper yourself out of the hangover and be back to your normal bubbly self in record time.

The bath oil and eye cream included in this kit are made by hand in our in-house mix room. Our team of expert botanists hand-select natural ingredients for their efficacy and kindness to the skin then crush, press and mix them together in small batches.

50ml Bath Oil. Escape into a warm, inviting bath with our blend of essential oils that soothe the soul.

30ml Eye Cream. Shea butter and coconut oil to nourish the skin and help reduce those tell-tale bags.

10ml Toothpaste.

Sleep mask.



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